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We only use the details you provide to contact you in regards to your quote. All quotes are based on the information you provide us, if we attend the job and there is more items/boxes etc or there are stairs you didn't mention etc you may be charged more than the original quote. Please mention any stairs, parking issues, excessive distances away from parking etc.



A large speech mark at the strat of the review.  We bought a house to do up and sell on, only problem was it had a 140 foot overgrown garden and 3 old sheds, it was a massive job as it had been growing for over 15 years untouched, Chris and his team cleared it all out in only a few days leaving a blank canvas ready for the landscapers. I am defiantly using you again, Thanks.

Mrs Waterson.

Suton Coldfield.

A large speech mark at the strat of the review.  Our Garden was an embarrassment before Chris took care of it, he left it clear of all junk and swept up, we are going to get you to do the front soon, ill call you.

Garden clearance Birmingham.

Tame the jungle.

A large speech mark at the strat of the snippet.  We love a challenge, and theres no better feeling than when we win, if you want your garden cleared ready for a barbecue summer get ringing now.